Thursday, August 23, 2007

Canadian Contribution to the World Wall Advancing at Sea Change !

Global Warming and Canada's North

CLICK HERE TO READ the remarks of Inuit activist Sheila Watt-Cloutier who has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and speaks eloquently of the Inuit of Canada's life and the catastrophic changes brought about by global warming in the artic.

The Canadian Environment Awards Citation of Lifetime Achievement
Remarks by Sheila Watt-Cloutier
Vancouver, BC

June 5, 2006

From Tania's Sketch Pad a Diagram of ideas for Inclusion in her 10ftx30ft mural

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Tania Godoroja at Sea Change:

To be at Sea Change is a gift that is immeasurable. I find myself on the

east coast instead of the west. This is a landscape with which I am unfamiliar—a perfect place to contemplate the uniqueness of Canada. Being here has made me shift my vision. Here, with every hour, the light changes, the temperature fluctuates. So, too, it is with the passing
parade of life in Provincetown. We witness incongruencies. We see drag queens and a few pilgrims. We see beauty that takes our breath away and cannot be captured by our digital cameras. All of these experiences stimulate us and provoke discussions long into the night.

I have had the luxury these past few days of long bouts of uninterrupted creative thinking, of working my way through a thousand ideas for the Canadian World Wall project, in the confines of the Sea Change cottage nestled at the tranquil west end in Provincetown. With the help of Judy and Tony, the focus of the project has been honed and clarified, and our
approach to the collaboration refined.

In thinking about Cape Cod’s four hundred years of recorded history, I have reflected upon my task of giving Canada’s land a voice. By comparison the European history of my west coast home is much shorter and scant on stories. First Nations peoples have maintained the history of this land for a much longer time, and their stories may provide insights
that can help us depict a future without fear.

Today while New England Quakers show the Cost of War in Martha's Vineyard, Bush national broadcast says:

President Bush warned that if Americans succumbed to “the allure of retreat,” they will witness death and suffering of the sort not seen since the Vietnam War.

New England Quakers show the Cost of War in Martha's Vineyard

We arrive in Martha's Vineyard as siteseers in time to see the New England chapter of the Quakers removing an installation of approx. 2700 military boots, each with the name of a soldier killed in Iraq. Their posters tell of the 720million dollars per day that is the cost of war along with the death toll of American soldiers exemplified in the empty boots. The death toll of Iraqui's is still an ellusive number, but estimates are in the 100's of thousands. We are grateful to see the work done by the Quakers as it restores our hope in early Americans. What could 720million dollars a day do for health care, education, the arts? Stopping at a coffee shop we hear President Bush on the television delivering another of his "stay the course" speeches. See the link to his speech above.